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In my PayPal Zettle in-depth review, I’m sharing the results of my analysis and evaluation from hands-on testing and experimentation. Before we dive in, if you’re just starting your search for the best Point of Sales systems, you should first check out my picks for the best POS systems. PayPal Zettle is one of the top-rated POS systems out there, but to figure out if it's a good match for you, it's important to understand the software’s benefits and drawbacks.

My in-depth PayPal Zettle review will take you through everything you need to know to make a more informed decision—pros and cons, features and functionality, pricing, and more—to help you to better understand its capabilities and suitability for your needs.

PayPal Zettle review showing the sales reports dashboard view

I like how PayPal Zettle provides straightforward reports, as shown here, that can help you gain deeper insights into your business and easily export essential data for your accounting.

PayPal Zettle Product Overview

PayPal Zettle stands as a robust POS system designed to simplify transactions. This tool finds its place among small to medium-sized businesses looking to streamline their sales processes. With PayPal Zettle, businesses gain the benefit of quick payments with a trusted name in the financial industry.

A primary advantage it offers is alleviating the challenges of integrating multiple payment methods, making transactions smoother. Among its standout features are contactless payments, inventory management, and real-time sales tracking.


  • Contactless Payments: PayPal Zettle accepts tap-and-go payments, ensuring faster checkouts and a modern customer experience.
  • Inventory Management: The system offers built-in inventory management, helping businesses keep track of stock and avoid discrepancies.
  • Sales Analytics: With its analytics dashboard, businesses can gain insights into sales patterns and make informed decisions.


  • Limited Customization: Compared to some competitors, it offers fewer options for interface and receipt customization.
  • Integration Challenges: Some users have noted difficulties when integrating with certain third-party apps or systems.
  • Hardware Dependency: For optimal functionality, businesses often need to invest in Zettle-specific hardware.

Expert Opinion

In my journey through the vast landscape of POS systems, PayPal Zettle certainly stands out, but not without its set of challenges. While the interface is user-friendly and the brand name offers a level of trust, there are areas where the software could see improvements. Specifically, in the realm of customizability and third-party integrations, some competitors edge it out.

However, where Zettle shines is in its seamless payment process, especially contactless payments and even online payments, and the robust sales analytics it provides. It's best suited for SMBs who prioritize payment diversity and swift transactions. When choosing a POS, determining the right fit means comparing these features and understanding your business's priorities.

PayPal Zettle: The Bottom Line

PayPal Zettle carves its niche in the POS world by leveraging the trust and recognition of the PayPal brand. Its unique offer lies in the ease of contactless payments and the added layer of security associated with the name. Additionally, the inventory management feature integrated into a POS is not something every competitor offers out of the box. In essence, businesses looking for a provider that offers trusted payment options, contactless transactions, and intuitive stock management might find PayPal Zettle aligns with their needs.

PayPal Zettle Deep Dive

In this detailed exploration, I’ll dissect PayPal Zettle's functionalities, integrations, and overall utility, offering a comprehensive understanding of its place in the POS landscape.

PayPal Zettle integrations
I also like how Zettle accounts can be connected with affiliated apps, seamlessly syncing your data with the platforms.

Product Specifications

  1. Inventory Management - Yes
  2. Sales Analytics - Yes
  3. Contactless Payments - Yes
  4. Customer Management - Yes
  5. Employee Management - No
  6. Loyalty Programs - No
  7. Split Billing - Yes
  8. E-receipts - Yes
  9. Offline Mode - Yes
  10. Gift Card Management - No
  11. Refund Handling - Yes
  12. Tip Management - Yes
  13. Barcode Scanning - No
  14. Custom Receipts - No
  15. Multi-store Management - No
  16. Digital Menu Boards - No
  17. Table Management - No
  18. Reservations Management - No
  19. E-commerce Integration - Yes
  20. CRM Integration - No
  21. Hardware Bundling - Yes
  22. Tax Management - Yes
  23. Currency Adjustments - Yes
  24. Discounts and Promos - Yes
  25. Sales Report and Insights - Yes

Feature Overview

  1. Inventory Management: PayPal Zettle offers businesses the ability to keep track of stock levels in real-time, helping to avoid discrepancies and manage products efficiently.
  2. Sales Analytics: With a detailed dashboard, users can gain insights into sales patterns and make informed decisions for future strategies.
  3. Contactless Payments: Ensures faster checkouts and offers a modern customer experience by accepting tap-and-go payments.
  4. Customer Management: This tool helps maintain customer profiles, understand purchase habits, and better serve repeat customers.
  5. Offline Mode: Sales can still be processed even when the internet connection is down, ensuring business continuity.
  6. E-receipts: Reducing paper waste, digital receipts can be sent directly to the customer's email.
  7. E-commerce Integration: Allows businesses to integrate their online sales with their in-store sales.
  8. Hardware Bundling: Provides compatible hardware options for businesses that complement the software for optimal functionality.
  9. Tax Management: Helps businesses in automatically calculating the appropriate taxes for transactions.
  10. Reporting and Insights: Offers detailed reports on sales, inventory, and more, assisting in business growth.

Standout Functionality

PayPal Zettle’s defining characteristics in the POS landscape revolve around its brand's reputation, comprehensive analytics, and a simplified approach to varied payment methods. Specifically:

  1. Brand Reputation: The association with PayPal ensures a level of trust and security not always present in newer POS systems.
  2. Detailed Sales Analytics: The depth and clarity of its sales analytics dashboard go beyond simple data representation.
  3. Integrated E-commerce: The smooth integration between brick-and-mortar sales and e-commerce platforms sets Zettle apart.


PayPal Zettle provides native integrations with popular e-commerce platforms, streamlining both online and offline sales. Some notable integrations include WooCommerce and Shopify. They offer an API, allowing for further customization and extended functionalities. Additionally, various add-ons are available to bolster the system’s capabilities, ranging from inventory enhancements to advanced reporting tools.


The pricing for PayPal Zettle is competitive, and it offers value for the features provided. Here are the available products:

POS Hardware

  1. Card reader
    • A flexible device that pairs with your mobile device, facilitating sales.
    • Cost:
      • $29 for the first card reader.
      • Additional card readers at $79 each.
  2. Zettle Terminal
    • A combination of the point-of-sale app and card reader in a single, portable device.
    • Cost:
      • $199 for the terminal only.
      • Terminal with a built-in barcode scanner is priced at $239.

Transaction Fees

Every transaction has an associated standard fee, with funds accessible in minutes through your PayPal balance. Note: These fees are subject to change.

  1. Card-present transactions: 2.29% + $0.09 per transaction.
  2. Manual card entry transactions: 3.49% + $0.09 per transaction.
  3. QR code transactions: 2.29% + $0.09 per transaction.
  4. Invoicing (PayPal payments): 3.49% + $0.49 per transaction.
  5. Invoicing (cards and alternative payment methods): 2.99% + $0.49 per transaction.

Ease of Use

Navigating through PayPal Zettle is intuitive. The interface is clean, with organized tabs for various functionalities. Onboarding is straightforward, but like any new system, there's a learning curve. The system's organization aids in shortening this curve, but some features might require a deeper dive to fully comprehend.

Customer Support

From my experience, PayPal Zettle offers a commendable support system. They provide resources such as documentation and webinars. While they offer live chat, there have been instances where response times weren't as quick as one might hope.

PayPal Zettle Use Case

Who would be a good fit for PayPal Zettle?

PayPal Zettle ideally fits small to medium-sized businesses prioritizing a blend of online and offline sales. Those in the retail and hospitality sectors benefit immensely. Its robust sales analytics make it a favorite among data-driven small business owners.

Who would be a bad fit for PayPal Zettle?

Larger enterprises with multiple outlets and complex needs might find Zettle limiting. Businesses requiring detailed customization or those in niche industries might not find it the most suitable.

PayPal Zettle FAQs

How secure is the PayPal Zettle system?

PayPal Zettle adheres to stringent security protocols, leveraging PayPal's existing infrastructure for secure transactions.

Can I use my existing hardware with PayPal Zettle?

While Zettle is compatible with many devices, for optimal functionality, Zettle-specific hardware is often recommended.

What payment methods does PayPal Zettle support?

PayPal Zettle supports a wide range of card payment methods including credit card payments, debit cards, and contactless payments.

Is PayPal Zettle compatible with third-party hardware?

While PayPal Zettle does have its own line of hardware, it also offers compatibility with select third-party devices.

How does PayPal Zettle handle refunds?

PayPal Zettle allows merchants to process refunds directly through the software, ensuring a smooth experience for both merchants and customers.

Can I integrate PayPal Zettle with my online store?

Yes, PayPal Zettle offers integrations with several e-commerce platforms, allowing for seamless online and in-person sales management.

Is there a contract or long-term commitment required with PayPal Zettle?

PayPal Zettle operates on a month-to-month basis, with no long-term contracts or commitments required.

Alternatives to PayPal Zettle

  • Square: Known for its simplicity and strong e-commerce integrations.
  • Shopify POS: Ideal for those already using Shopify for online sales.
  • Clover: Offers a range of customizable options suitable for diverse business needs.

PayPal Zettle Company Overview & History

PayPal Zettle, a product under the expansive PayPal umbrella, primarily focuses on POS solutions. Widely used by SMBs, it's owned by PayPal Holdings, Inc. Headquartered in San Jose, California, key figures include Dan Schulman (CEO of PayPal). The company's mission revolves around democratizing financial services. Since its inception, Zettle has made strides in the POS landscape, from introducing contactless payments to e-commerce integrations.


In this review, we delved deep into PayPal Zettle, an excellent player in the POS world. With features ranging from sales analytics to e-commerce integrations, it's carved its niche. Whether you're an SMB or a budding entrepreneur, the POS app offers tools that can be invaluable. However, it's crucial to understand your business's needs and see how they align with what Zettle offers. Feel free to share your experiences below!

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