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Simon Litt

My Experience

I like to joke that I was born into the world of finance against my will — my mum worked as a financial advisor for over 35 years. I’m different, though; I work in financial media, not finance.

I’ve been writing papers, scripts, market reports, and articles about personal and corporate finance — basically, anything about money — since 2019, when I left the nest of business school and learned to fly (or, at least, to flap vigorously). Specializing in investing education, small-cap public equities, and fintech, I’ve been able to consult public company CFOs on financial strategy, corporate messaging, and how to build a sweet tech stack.

My latest project is this, The CFO Club, where I’m collaborating with financial operators and experts on trends that are changing the way companies manage their money to make it work for them.

Prior to taking over as Editor of The CFO Club, I was helping build Blossom Social, a social media company for retail investors. I’ve also worked as Chief Marketing Officer in one investor relations agency and founded another. And, before all that, I was just a boy with a dream — a dream to write some pretty great stuff.

My Areas of Expertise

  • Fintech
  • Corporate Budgeting
  • Digital Transformation
  • Public Equities
  • Investing
  • Financial Education
  • Overusing Em Dashes

The Technology I Use

Young me would hate to admit this, but I’ve become an Apple fanboy in recent years. After swearing I’d never give up my PC, I now sport an iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and two MacBooks. Overkill? Maybe. Productive? Definitely.

You’ll pretty much always find me tuned into a new Spotify radio station, podcast, or audiobook. Sometimes, you’ll even catch me reading on my Kobo, but that’s almost always to put myself to sleep.

I wouldn’t know what year it was without Google Calendar, and I use Todoist for everything from workflow management to remembering to go paint that ceramic I threw a year ago… or, at least, remembering that I forgot about it.